Thomas J. Neuville, PhD
I am privileged to work as an Associate Professor at Millersville University in Millersville, PA. In many ways my work has been influenced by the teachings and life of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger.  As Executive Producer I facilitated the only video presentation of his work.
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Associate Professor

Department of Special Education

Millersville University

Millersville, PA 17551





2000                            Ph.D.Colorado State University, Education (Special Needs)& Human Resources

1987                M.B.A.University of Phoenix

1974                            B.S.W. University of Wisconsin




August 2004 – Present           Associate Professor, Department of Special Education, Millersville                                                  University


August 1999-2004      Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, Millersville University.


May 1991-Present      Independent Educator, Facilitator, Organizer and Strategist


1992 – 1995                Instructor (adjunct) Department of Human Services Metropolitan State College, Denver Colorado.


1993-1996                   Instructor (adjunct) in the School of Education teaching multiculturalism, Colorado State University.


1991-1996                   Instructor in graduate business school teaching strategic management, organizational development and project management and in the school of education for issues in adult education, facilitation, theories of education and introduction to education, University of Phoenix.



  • Coordinator of vocational work activities program.
  • Rehabilitation Counselor State of Colorado.
  • Owner and Director of residential support services organization.
  • Co-Founder and Educator of Supported Employment programs and federally funded regional training institute.
  • Executive Director of employment agency
  • President and Executive Director of a human service educational institute
  • Executive Director of Denver Center for Independent Living.
  • Executive Director of Resource Exchange Community Centered Board (multi-county funding, case management and service agency).
  • Executive Coach, Consultant and staff educator for Human Service, non-profit and governmental organizations.
  • President and Board member of local and state ARC.
  • Appointed as a Habilitation Consultant team by the Special master of the federal Court 2002.
  • Member Penn Manor School District Steering Committee 2001/2002.
  • Appointed (2010) By Governor to the Special Education Advisory Panel.
  • Appointed (2007) by PA Department of Education to the Least Restrictive Environment Advisory Panel. The purpose is to implement the Gaskin Settlement on inclusion.




            Neuville, Thomas, J (2009). The Main Concerns: Students With Disabilities in Transition. The Main Concerns Theory of Supreme Excellence, Symbiotic Relationships & Democratic Processes as a Foundation for Educational Programming. VDM Publishing House Ltd. Saarbrucken, Germany.


Articles & Videos:


            Neuville, Thomas J. Executive Producer (2009) (video) Reflections on a Lifetime in Human Services From Prior to the Reforms of the 1950s – 70s to the present, with Implications for the Future: What Has Gotten Better, What Has Gotten Worse, What Is the Same and What Lies Ahead: Wolfensberger lecture at Millersville University. AND An Interpreted Pictorial Presentation on The History of Human Services with Emphasis on the Origins of Some of Our Major Contemporary Service Patterns and Some Universal Lessons for the Planning and Structuring of Services Which Can Be Learned from This History; Wolfensberger lecture at Millersville University. Syracuse University Training Institute, Syracuse, NY.


            Neuville, T. with Smith, C. (2008). SRV & teacher prep: Not just a course, but a course of action. The SRV Journal, 3(2), 19-26.


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            Neuville, Thomas J. (2005) The Intimacy of Knowing; A Socially Constructed Behavior Management Reality. Keystone Institute Times, Harrisburg, PA.


Neuville, Thomas J. (2005). SPED 330; People With Disabilities: Social Discrimination and Oppression; The Social, Political and Cultural Realities of Living as a Person With a Disability Syllabus & SPED 332 Culture of Service: Lessons From The Disability Rights Movement: Internal Reflection Leading to Actions of Community and Peace. Syllabus. AAR Syllabus Project,


            Neuville, Thomas J. (2003). (video) Motivating Staff And Decreasing Burnout. Developmental Disabilities Resources, Lancaster, PA.


            Neuville, Thomas J. (2003). (video) Supporting Individuals With Developmental Disabilities: The Seven Themes Of Effective Advocacy. Developmental Disabilities Resources. Lancaster, PA


Neuville, Thomas (2003). Doing and Thinking with a Purpose from a Community-centric Foundation: Lessons Useful for School Reform. Renaissance Community Press, Wayne State University, Detroit MI.


            Neuville, Thomas J. (2002). What are The Main Concerns Related to Students With Disabilities as They Transition From Secondary Schools to Adult Life? Based on Neuville Dissertation (2000) and developed for use in bound course material SPED434, Millersville University, Millersville, PA.


            Neuville, Thomas J. (2002). (video) Team Building: Developing Successful Teams Providing Services to Individuals With Developmental Disabilities. Developmental Disabilities Resources. Lancaster, PA


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Neuville, T. J. (1999). Chapter Four, Changing the Character of Corporate America: Diversity Lessons from the Disability Movement. Unfinished Business: Diversity Promise, BNA Communications. Rockville, MD, 39-46.


OTHER SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY (presentations and conference lectures)


July 15, 2009. Rediscovering the Work You Were Meant To Do. Professional Development Series @ Millersville University, Millersville, PA


May 13, 2009. Working with Others (Who Seem Difficult to Work With) Professional Development Series @ Millersville University, Millersville, PA


March 4, 2009. Offering Your Gifts through Service: Exploring Personal Growth and Self-Actualization. Professional Development Series @ Millersville University, Millersville, PA


December 15, 2008. How to Lead in Your Nonprofit World. Nonprofit Resource Network, Millersville University, Millersville, PA.


July 31, 2008. Love Your Conflict. Millersville Professional Development series, Millersville, PA.


July 21, 2008. History of Special Education Law and the PA Gaskin Agreement. West Chester University, Westchester, PA.


July 10, 11, & 12, 2008. Leadership Retreat for Strategic Planning. CP of Colorado and the Vanguard Classical School, Vail, Colorado.


May 19, 2008. Communicate For Success. Millersville Professional Development series, Millersville, PA.


February 13, 2008. Teams That Work. Millersville Professional Development series, Millersville, PA.


November 3, 2007. Facilitated a state wide Public hearing for PA Department of Education’s Least restrictive Advisory Panel. Millersville University, Millersville, PA.


October 12 – 13, 2007. Future Search Conference, Facilitator, Montgomery School. Chester County, PA.


May 3-4, 2007. SESSION ONE: Bright Eyed Nobodies Meet Expectations: Lessons Drawn From Teaching SRV as a Mandatory Undergraduate Teacher Certification Course. SESSION TWO: Practical Retention: How I Attempt To Use My Undergraduate SRV Lessons For The Benefit of Students at A City School. International Social Role Valorization Conference, Ottowa, Canada.


March 12, 2007.  Transformation and Change Agentry. Millersville Professional Development series, Millersville, PA.


March 5, 2007. Planning Alternative Tomorrow’s With Hope. A strategic planning session for PDE and the Gaskin Settlement Agreement Implementers. Harrisburg, PA.


March 2, 2007. Planning Alternative Tomorrow’s With Hope. A personal plan for Ian H. Lincoln Middle School, Lancaster, PA.


February 7 – 9, 2007. Knowing If You Are Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution; Building Just Schools. Leadership for Equity and Excellence Transforming Education, National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems, Washington D.C.

January 8, 2007. A Change Agents Tool Box. Methods For Solving Problems And Crafting Organizational Change. Millersville Professional Development series, Millersville, PA


Novemebr 2006. The Questions and Answers to Inclusive School Communities, TASH International, Baltimore, MD


October 23, 2006. Creating Organizational Cultures Where Everyone Flourishes. Millersville Professional Development Series, Keystone Institute.

October 20 & 21, 2006. Future Search Conference, Facilitator, Lancaster Country Day School, Lancaster, PA

October 6, 2006. Person Centered Planning, Millersville University, Millersville, PA

March 31, 2006 – Discovering the Culture Within, Keystone Human Services Conference, Harrisburg, PA.

November 10, 2005. Rules for Radicals: Waging Peace for Full Inclusion. TASH International Conference. Milwaukee WI.

November 9, 2005. Building Whole Schools: Connecting Inclusive Education Systems Change to School Improvement (Full Day). TASH International Conference. Milwaukee WI.


August 4, 2005. Strategic Planning. North Eastern Center For Independent Living. Scranton, PA.


July 27, 2005. Characteristics of Home. Southwestern PA Human Service Annual Conference.